The late Nipsey Hussle was hard at work on his brand, The Marathon Clothing, right up until his untimely death early this year. Among the outcry of support from fans, his family confirmed that they would continue working with PUMA to bring Nipsey’s unique vision to life, with a forthcoming collection designed in partnership with Nipsey himself, prior to his passing.

Though more collaborations may be on the way, this eagerly-awaited range serves as a fitting capstone to Nipsey’s work with PUMA, even if it’s the final collaborative effort. From tracksuits to work jackets, the entire collection was cut to serve Nipsey’s measurements, making for a collection literally tailor-made for the late rapper.

The aforementioned work jackets, offered in black and beige, come with matching pants that also sport “MARATHON” embroidery, making for a hardwearing counterpart to the red sweatsuit and black/red tracksuit, all emblazoned with PUMA and The Marathon Clothing logos, side by side. T-shirts embroidered with the latter brand’s mission statement accompany co-branded graphic tees and other marathon-indebted imagery, a sporty counterpoint to the two distinctive PUMA California sneakers, executed in black and white iterations with thematic red accents.

All The Marathon Clothing x PUMA goods will exclusively be available on Shoe Palace’s web store and physical outposts September 5