As the NBA trade deadline approaches, the Celtics have been linked to stars like Jimmy Butler, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. While the teams and rumors differ, what remains the same is the question the Celtics face. Will Boston be willing to part with young talent and a potentially high draft pick to acquire a major piece to pair with Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford?

In addition to the young talent on their roster, the Celtics have the right to swap picks with the Brooklyn Nets in June’s NBA Draft. The Nets sit at the bottom of the NBA standings and have the best chance of any team to land the number one pick. This is especially valuable given the depth of the 2017 draft.

The Veritcal’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported the Celtics have the most assets to offer the Pacers for George, but it is unclear whether they are looking to acquire the Pacers forward. All indications are Boston has their sights set on Butler.