With diamonds, gold, platinum, and many more accessories, its clear that Mississippi’s Kris Jewelers is Hip Hop’s biggest new jewelry designer in the game right now. With a red-hot streak of trendsetting pieces worn about some of the biggest names in music. Many are asking, just who is this guy Kris?

Working the Dirty South, through his creativity, consistency and hustle, Kris has earned the respect and clientele from the likes of a wide variety of talent, notable mentions like Blueface, Jeremih, Birdman (Stunna) and many more. A lot of his signature pieces have become the most-sought-after product from others searching for the person who can make their new ideal piece.

A visionary too most with his much-hyped new jewelry infecting social media. Destined to crack a million in no-time, Kris continues to impress with his daily, steady, work ethic. The best of the best in the business is ready to take his business to the next level.

Today, Kris Jewelers has several pieces in production for undisclosed clients; however, more and more artists are discovering his designs and following every day on social media. Kris’s execution is smart, unique and outstanding. As his stock continues to rise throughout Hip Hop, now would be the perfect time for fans to jump onto the bandwagon or get into the Kris Jewelers business with a signature item purchase(s).

In the Mississippi area? Kris Jewelers’ new collection is available now inside the Northpark Mall store on the 1200-block of East County Line Road, Ridgeland, Mississippi.

You may also purchase custom design jewelry today online at the official Kris Jewelers website.

Follow Kris Jeweler on Instagram for daily updates on new collections and clients.